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Often the nautical use of gangways is severely limited due to problems of stowage aboard; weight and size relegate this accessory to bigger boats, some producers cut greatly gangway's size making it an unsafe and less practical accessory.
That's why we thought to make an inflatable gangway, we combined in one product three key features:
Size: length/width ratio make passage in dock safe and easy.
Easy stowage: after deflation it can be rolled up and stowed even on small boats.
Light weight: same size of an alloy one weights half of it! In size 260 x 50 cm weight only 10 Kg.

Carrying capacity for all models is 200 kg. We can produce gangways with dimensions provided by the customer up to a maximum of cm 280 x 100.
AIRGANGWAY® is available in four sizes:
cm. 200 x 50
cm. 200 x 75
cm. 260 x 50
cm. 260 x 75