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About Us

Marlin Boat was founded in 1986 by the passion of Sergio Selva and his sons Stefano and Cristina.
Always looking for a sophisticated and innovative solutions to be applied to its projects, Marlin Boat has always been at the forefront in this field by drawing several times the route to follow.
In fact, several patents have been introduced into production as the innovative cutting of the tubes and the hydrodynamic stabilizer.
This particular line, designed and patented by the shipyard in 1993, was adopted for all models, making it a real trademark.
The profile of the tubular is developed on two levels, low in the stern to lean on the surface and give the boat greater stability in all conditions, high in the bow, both to shelter and not interfere with the wave motion during navigation, and to build high interior walls that gives the crew absolute protection and safety.

The strength of the hull is guaranteed by coupling three different moldings: the deck, the reinforcement "spider" and the hull which are firmly joined together to form a monolith of exceptional resistance to stress.
The resin processes are performed using the highest quality materials, such as Neopentyl Gel Coat and Vinylester Resin to avoid osmosis phenomena.
Design, testing, development and realization of the models and molds are all strictly carried out within the shipyard.
Today Marlin Boat is present on the European market with a range that includes over 15 models both outboard and sterndrive, ranging from 17 'to 40'.


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