Our Marlin RIBS bringing you Performance, Reliability & Style Since 1986

About Us

Here at Marlin RIBS Ltd, we are the only dedicated supplier of Marlin RIBS to the UK, Northern Europe, USA & Canada. Backed by more than 20 years of industry experience, we supply sophisticated and innovative solutions for boats to clients across the World. Marlin Boat only uses top-quality materials and the first-class construction systems within their boats, which we then supply to you.

Our Range

The boats that we supply are available in a wide range and are built to your requirements. The entire process, including the testing, development, and implementation, occurs at our modern factory, so you are guaranteed a quality product. We supply RIBS that include 10 models outboard and stern-drive ranging from 5.5 metres to 11.75 metres.

Leaders in the Market

Our ground-breaking RIBS are at the forefront of modern design and technology, delivery performance, reliability and style. 

Each Marlin RIB is fully customisable to individual clients requirements.

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